Events organised

“Politics and modern cognitive science” (University College, London, UK, 2018) Workshop with 20 experts.

“China's Involvement in Space Panel Discussion” (Feb 2018) Held by Pentagon Joint Staff for audiences across the U.S. Government.

“Fake News Inoculation and Enhanced Population Resilience: A UK Perspective” (July 2017) Event held by Pentagon Joint Staff. Speakers from the UK Government and academia.

“Decision-making, confidence and the unconscious 决策,信心和意识” (June 2017) Workshop with 14 leading Chinese and international speakers in neuroscience, psychology and computation held at Peking University, Beijing.

“Cognitive Aspects of Fake News Resilience and Inoculation” (June 2017) Pentagon Joint Staff event for U.S. and allied Governments’ audiences.

“Power Transition in the Asia-Pacific: managing perceptions and trust in the ‘Grey Zone’” (May 2017) Workshop at the University of Birmingham with 14 leading speakers to examine how key Asia-Pacific actors shape perceptions in the “Grey Zone” between peace and war.

"The Anatomy of an Action: self and responsibility after neuroscience" (Royal Society of Arts, London, UK, Jan 2010)

“Cognitive Neuroscience and Regulatory Paternallism: More or less?" (Royal Society of Arts, London, UK, Jan 2009)

"Does Policy need Brains?" (Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, Jan 2009) Seminar attended by leading figures from behavioural economics (Colin Camerer and Peter Bossaerts, Caltech), neuroscience (Ray Dolan, UCL), psychology (Nick Chater, UCL) and politics (Matthew Taylor and David Halpern, former senior advisors to Tony Blair).